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Give tired feet special treatment with a home pedicure. Soak, buff, and polish for a new look before facing the world in sandals.

There is nothing like a little attention to one's feet after a long hard day. A pedicure is just the treatment working feet deserve. If you do not feel that you can afford to have a professional pedicure in a nail salon, treat yourself to one at home.

First, fill a basin with a gallon of warm water. Commercial foot soaking tablets or liquids may be used in the water for moisturizing, deodorizing, and softening. If you don't have these Pedicure Kits of this nature on hand, a tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of bath oil will produce the same effect. Bath beads also add moisturizer to water and provide another alternative to commercial foot soaks. Soak feet twenty minutes to soften calluses and corns. Discard water.

In most nail salons, there is a second soak. Feet are submerged in a sea salt bath to further loosen dead skin cells. Sea salt tablets are available for purchase in many beauty supply and bath stores. Relax and enjoy a second soothing cleansing that will refresh hot, tired feet. Pat feet dry with a towel.

Using a skin file, remove dead skin cells. Primary areas of concern are often heels and balls of feet. A pumice stone also works well to remove rough calluses and dry spots. A commercial foot sloughing cream with natural abrasives can be massaged into the skin to remove flakiness as well.

For deep moisturizing, apply a cream formula to feet. When used after the soak and sloughing, a lotion or cream application is absorbed quickly and helps minimize the return of rough hard skin. Typically, hand lotions do not contain enough moisturizer to handle foot dryness, especially during hot weather when sandals are worn and the foot is exposed. Pedicure Treatment, like:foot creams are made especially for after-soaking application.

Next turn your attention to the toenails. Clean under nail tips and clip. Be sure to file splits or rough edges. Carefully work with an emery board, filing in both directions to smooth away tears or breaks. Work slowly so that nails that have been weakened by breaks do not tear or split from filing that is too vigorously administered. A gentle continuous motion of the file is the best approach.

Before toenails can be polished, cuticles need to be minimized so that nails are sleek and color may be more easily applied. Using a cuticle stick, push the skin back gently. Do not force cuticles as this may cause injury or bleeding.

Polishes come in an array of products that differ according to their intended use. Base coat polish is generally used to fortify and protect the nail itself. Many have vitamins and even silk in the ingredients. Select a color for the second coat that you feel matches your skin tone. The third coat can be a clear polish designed to protect the color from chipping.

Application of polish should be the last step in the home pedicure. Once your feet have been soaked, exfoliated, moisturized, and the nails prepared, begin with a fortifier base coat of polish. Cover nails with a thin coat. Do not be tempted to apply polish too liberally. Thick coats do not dry underneath the surface and will be more prone to chipping. Allow undercoat to dry thoroughly. Nails will absorb the fortifier as it fills in cracks and crevices, creating a smooth nail surface.

Next, apply the polish color of your choice. Dry for the time recommended on the nail polish label. A nail dryer may be used. There are many types that may be purchased for home pedicure use that are similar to those in finer nail salons. Avoid using a hairdryer on your nails as these are gauged at higher temperatures than nail dryers. Blowdryers tend to dry the outer surface of the polish, leaving moisture trapped between the polish and the nail. Additionally, the intense heat dries out skin.

Finish with a clear protective coat. Allow this to dry thoroughly. Be careful to not touch polish until it is completely dry as this causes smudges and takes away from the glossy texture. Reapply a clear coat every two or three days to shield pedicure and refresh shine.

Now you are ready to sport your new pedicure by wearing your favorite pair of sandals.

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