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How to give yourself a professional pedicure spa?

 With all the comforts of home.
pedicure spa
"Pampering one's feet is the ultimate luxury yet few people take time for it," says Cheryl Renella, president and founder of Channing's Day Spa in Chicago, which counts celebs including Julia Roberts and Whitney Houston among its clientele. Although booking a pedicure spa is a fun indulgence, you can treat your feet at home too. To make the environment more spa-like, pop in a CD of relaxing music and light some candles around the room. Then follow Renella's simple steps for a blissful home pedicure:

  1. Soak away stress. Fill a tub or other Pedicure Equipments with warm water and drop in a 1/2 ounce of your favorite bath salts (sea salts are a good substitute if you don't have bath salts on hand). Add a tablespoon of olive oil and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. The salts will soften up dry skin and calluses, while the olive oil moisturizes.
  2. Banish dead skin and calluses. Massage an exfoliating body scrub such as Tend Blends Creative Juices Sugar Fix into the bottoms of your feet. Leave the scrub on, and use a pumice-like surface to buff down calluses and slough away dead skin cells. Rinse your feet with cool water.
  3. Trim nails and care for cuticles. Trim toenails, cutting them in a square shape to prevent ingrown nails. Gently push back cuticles with an orange stick or other pedicure kits. Never cut your cuticles -- they are necessary for keeping bacteria from entering the skin.
  4. Moisturize and massage. Dry off your feet with towel and apply an invigorating foot cream such as Dr. Scholl's Peppermint Foot and Leg Lotion.Massage in long upward strokes, moving from your toes to your calves.
  5. Finish with polish. Apply a base coat and two coats of your favorite polish, followed by a top coat. Let your nails dry for at least half an hour, then rub a dab of oil into your cuticles and nail beds to moisturize them.

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